Ichou Academy Branch Campus Arc
Arc 02
The establishment that will bring about Japan's reformation...



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The Ichou Academy Branch Campus Arc is the 2nd major story arc of the Denpa Kyoushi manga series.

Junichirou is brought to work for a semester at Hiiragi Academy’s branch campus, "Ichou Academy." Here, he reforms several stray students who had lost their way in life and spends his free time focusing on his otaku hobbies.

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The Director and the ChairmanEdit

The Student Who's Also a MaidEdit

Ichou Academy's MonsterEdit

The Mute StudentEdit

Save the Maid CaféEdit

The Famous MangakaEdit

KEC University and the One-day Intern StudentEdit

A Gaming Political MarriageEdit

The Uroboros GamerEdit

Magic: The RingEdit

Hiiragi Academy's GhostEdit

Koutarou's First Day BackEdit

The "Teacher-killer"Edit

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Teacher to Student EvaluationEdit

Final ExamEdit

School FestivalEdit

Summer ScheduleEdit

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