Suzune Kagami
002 KagamiSuzune
Kagami Suzune
Age 17-18
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
School Hiiragi Academy's "Ichou" Branch Campus
Class n/a
Occupation Student
Relatives Kagami Junichirou (brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Voice Actor Rena Matsui
English Voice Actor Mikaela Krantz

Suzune Kagami (鑑純音) is Kagami Junichirou's younger sister and one of the main characters in Denpa Kyoushi.

She goes to Ichou Academy (another branch school of Hiiragi Academy). She managed to get her brother a job as a teacher in his alma mater, thus beginning the plot of the story.


Suzune's hair color is blonde and eye color is azure, this being the only physical trait shared by her and Junichirou. Her outfits generally vary between her school uniform (a short blue dress with long puffed sleeves and white cuffs, a white sailor collar and a short white tie in the centre of the bodice) and her casual attire (A pink singlet and a pair of plain denim shorts with a plain brown belt.) Both are often accompanied by her baseball bat.


Suzune has a very lively and active personality. She is often the one disciplining her brother, telling him to do something or to wake up. She cares a lot for her brother despite rejecting it or hitting him with her bat nearly everyday. She also cares a lot for her friends and is quite protective of them. She can however be quite aggressive towards those she dislikes (Or even people she does like on her brothers case) but in general she is a likable and kind person who seems to get along well with her classmates.


Junichirou’s younger sister and a student at Ichou Academy. Her hobby is batting practice, and is the only person that Junichirou really fears. She gets angry at her brother's otaku antics; wishing for him to finally land a job to put his technical skills to good use, and is responsible for all the family's finances; forbidding Junichirou from buying anything without her approval. Despite all the trouble he causes her however, Suzune is very fond of him and wants to take care of him forever. Perhaps even taking her fondness of her brother a little too far at times…

To kick off the story, Suzune writes up a job application for him and ends up getting her brother accepted into a teaching job at Higashi Shinmei High; jumpstarting Junichirou’s career as a teacher. She then later becomes one of Junichirou’s students when the former is scouted out by Koyomi to come teach at Ichou Academy, and, as a result, follows along with Junichirou’s escapades to reform troubled students. Later on, because of her aggressive personality leaving a huge impression on the voters, she is chosen as one of the five branch students to follow Junichirou to the main campus to partake in the SS group war.

As a member of team Silver Core, she participates in the soccer match against team Titan, and partakes in the duel against team Red Core's Akamine-siblings alongside Junichirou in "Force Combat;" an aerial simulation game.

Chapter AppearancesEdit

1-18, 20, 21*, 22, 26-37, 39-43, 45-48, 49*, 50-57, 63, 65-68, 70, 73-89, 91-104


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